Data Apps in the Real World: How to Capture Value Locked in the Data Warehouse

Should you consider building a Data App?

How many times has your product team asked for data science models to be available in realtime to serve feature flags and product recommendations to customers? They don’t, but they should, and with data apps the data team can make this a reality.

Join TJ Murphy of Multi Media LLC, Kevin Chao from Ramp, and Tejas Manohar from Hightouch to hear examples of data apps in the real world. Their aim is to give data practitioners a framework for when and why to use the warehouse for production applications, and why the data team is the right team for this undertaking.

TJ will walk through the data apps he built at Minted, including a user personalization service and marketing automation tools. At Minted, the data team supported a GraphQL layer on top of the warehouse that supported both web and mobile app personalization on a per user basis.

Kevin Chao will share how Ramp, a fintech leader valued at $8B, is using dbt and Hightouch to power compliance via Snowflake as the source of truth.

Tejas will share how Supr Daily, the Instacart of India, runs product recommendations in their mobile app and automatically sends push notifications at opportune moments to convert users at a higher rate.

Lastly, TJ will give a practical overview of architecture, and a checklist of what to think through before building a Data App.

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