Training and Certification

Join us for live training online and in New Orleans for beginners and advanced users alike. Show off your dbt experience by getting certified with in-person exam testing during the conference.

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dbt Fundamentals Live

Build foundational skills in dbt with this live course focused on models, sources, tests, docs, and deployment.

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Advanced Materializations with dbt

Learn to build incremental models and snapshots with incremental and type 2 slowly changing dimensional data.

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Advanced Deployment with dbt Cloud

Learn how to deploy your dbt project with multiple environments, CI/CD, and custom schema logic.

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Disseminating Knowledge with dbt Cloud

Learn how to answer your own data questions through dbt docs, the source freshness dashboard, and run results.

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dbt Analytics Engineering Certification Exam

Get recognized for your dbt expertise by earning the dbt Certified Developer credential.


Zero to dbt

Rapidly learn how dbt enables collaboration, quality assurance, and deploying your transformations.

Join us at Coalesce

Whatever your role, experience, or ambitions in data—you have a place at Coalesce. Build your path and find your people at the largest analytics engineering conference.