Metrics and the modern data experience (Premier Sponsor)

Benn Stancil
Founder + Chief Analytics Officer, Mode

08 December 2021, 10:25 PM

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About this talk

Over the last year, the builders of the modern data stack have turned their attention to a question that every data practitioner dreads: How do we keep metrics consistent across the numerous tools that use them? As a community, it’s easy - and correct! - to be excited about the impressive new technology we’re building to address this challenge, and the new maps we’re drawing for the future of the data landscape. But the map is not the territory. For most people, the modern data stack isn’t a collection of architectural diagrams; it’s an experience. It’s rushing to answer the CEO’s urgent question before this afternoon’s exec meeting; it’s trying to figure out why sales and marketing are reporting different revenue numbers for the quarter; it’s piecing together a board deck from disconnected BI reports, SQL queries, Excel files, and Tableau visualizations, a task that you swore you did last month.

In this talk, I’ll share my vision for how we can finally solve these problems. I’ll walk through what I believe the next evolution of the modern data stack should look like - and more importantly, how those who use it should experience it.

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