The Endpoints are the Beginning: Using the dbt Cloud API to build a culture of data awareness

Kevin Hu
Co-founder / CEO, Metaplane

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As modern data stacks click into place around the world, data teams enable their organizations to answer a universe of questions. Despite progress, some questions still haunt even the savviest of data teams: Is this dashboard broken? What is impacted by this change? Is this data trend normal?

These questions, which are not about data per se and rather more about data awareness, are challenging to answer without data about data. In previous generations of data tooling, metadata of this sort was elusive. But with the introduction of dbt, and specifically the dbt Cloud API, teams now have an accessible way to gain awareness about their data.

This session is a deep dive into three ways the dbt Cloud API can be used to foster a culture of greater awareness: through real-time monitoring, impact analysis, and historical understanding. For each of the three use cases, we state the problem in relation to practical workflows, walk through a concrete solution (with working open source code!) using the Cloud API, and present a scenario in which a real team uses this in practice. To close, we discuss approaches for taking each solution to the next level.

Viewers of the session can expect to leave with new concepts with which they can frame problems of data awareness, solutions to which they can map their own situations, and code that they can start tinkering with that same day.

Join the chat in the #coalesce-dbt-cloud-api channel ( If you’re not yet a member of dbt Community Slack, sign up at

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