Getting Meta about Metadata: Building Trustworthy Data Products Backed by dbt (Workshop Sponsor)

Angie Brown and Kelechi Erondu
4 Mile Analytics and Analytics Manager and dbt Practice Lead

09 December 2021, 10:55 PM

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About this talk

More and more organizations are beginning to see how building data products and machine learning platforms can add significant value to their business. As such, data teams are under more pressure than ever to ensure that these platforms, and the data backing them, are both highly trustworthy and highly flexible to the rapid development of new features and use cases.

In this workshop, we will share the key insights and design patterns that we have identified in helping numerous data teams build flexible, trustworthy customer-facing data experiences and machine learning platforms backed by dbt. In particular, we'll highlight how dbt's robust testing, Exposures, and artifacts can be used to bolster the trustworthiness and value of downstream consumers of your data warehouse.

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