From Diverse "Humans of Data" to Data Dream "Teams"

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Data-driven teams will be behind the most amazing human achievements in the next decade, from curing cancer to developing self-driving cars to putting people on Mars.

But there’s a challenge: this team is one of the most interdisciplinary teams ever created. Analysts, engineers, analytics engineers, scientists, business users: all with their own tooling preferences, skill sets and limitations and their own DNA creating tons of collaboration overhead and data chaos.

These teams will only be successful if these diverse individuals find a way to collaborate effectively — when the “humans of data” become a real team.

We experimented for half a decade to figure out tools, rituals, and cultural practices that made our data team 6X more agile: we went on to build India’s national data platform and work with the UN on the global SDG agenda, among other things.

By walking through our journey and story, this talk will focus on tactical takeaways that data leaders and practitioners can start implementing to create data dream teams.

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