Don't hire a data engineer...yet

Stefania Olafsdottir
CEO & Co-Founder, Avo

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“Stef, you’re responsible for retention” is what the CEO said to me when he dropped by my desk on my first day as the founding analyst at QuizUp. With no idea what that really meant, I accepted the challenge.

Getting your data to serve your organization fast enough and at scale can seem daunting. It’s tempting to see this as an engineering problem. You might even try to recruit a data engineer to solve this. But that is not your first step. Your first problem is a culture problem.

How might we make analytics a part of the company culture? Something that engineers care about as much as product managers?

In this talk, I’ll walk through what I think it takes to build the mind sets, internal relationships, and knowledge to empower and develop a powerful data team. A team of curious, question-asking, story-telling analytical minds, that have enough technical capabilities to hack together complex and scattered data sets and extract and deliver insights. A group of people recently coined purple people.

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