dbt Core v1.0 Reveal ✨

Jeremy Cohen
Product Manager, dbt Labs

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About this talk

It's been five years; it's time to cut the ribbon.

Jeremy will offer a highlight reel of the biggest changes included in dbt v1.0, as well as honorable mentions for some neat ideas that ended up on the cutting-room floor.

Major Version One means major stability. We'll discuss the commitments we're making to every dbt user, and how upgrading versions can be a joyful experience.

We'll also start answering the question on everyone's mind: What comes after one-point-oh?

Join the chat in the #coalesce-dbt-reveal channel (https://bit.ly/2ZMwmHd). If you’re not yet a member of dbt Community Slack, sign up at https://www.getdbt.com/community/join-the-community

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