dbt for Financial Services: How to boost returns on your SQL pipelines using dbt, Databricks, and Delta Lake (Premier Sponsor)

Ricardo Portilla
Lead Solutions Architect, Databricks

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About this talk

For modern investment management institutions and startups, gaining a competitive edge in the age of digital assets and boosted retail investing is difficult. The difficulty comes from the 3Vs of big data - a variety of sources including fundamental data, market data, and alternative data, real-time feeds, and the sheer volume of order flows in today's markets. Now, fintechs are figuring out how to process these large amounts of data along with traditional Wall Street firms.

We believe a lot of business logic to compute metrics such as NAV, peer groups, and trading benchmarks are mostly expressible in SQL but the problem is a lack of reliability, performance, and rigor around the deployment of these rules-based models to production. Databricks SQL, Delta Lake, & dbt provide the perfect trio for saving investment management firms money and boosting productivity by allowing analysts to deploy SQL pipelines much faster. This is especially true for the variety of datasets described above.

In this talk, we will show portfolio managers, quants, and finserv practitioners how to deploy modern investment management pipelines within minutes using dbt + Databricks.

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