Batch to Streaming in One Easy Step (Premier Sponsor)

Emily Hawkins and Arjun Narayan
Drizly and Materialize

07 December 2021, 07:25 PM

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About this talk

In this talk, we will demonstrate how to get started with streaming analytics using the same analytics engineering skillset that keeps you productive in batch analytics. Traditionally, streaming analytics has required a separate knowledge base, tooling, and ecosystem from batch analytics, one that is comparatively poorer as an ecosystem with a lot less tooling. We believe that the future of streaming is the same as that of batch analytics - using dbt and SQL for modeling and working with your data. In this talk, we’ll walk through how Materialize helps you build a SQL-first streaming pipeline, as well as go through real-life examples of how Materialize users are building streaming pipelines in production with the very same dbt models they built for their batch data. We’ll have a special guest appearance from Emily Hawkins, Data Infrastructure Lead at Drizly. She'll share her experience using Materialize + dbt to help solve for cart abandonment.

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