Analytics Engineering Everywhere: Why in Five Years Every Organization Will Adopt Analytics Engineering

Jason Ganz
Manager, Developer Experience, dbt Labs

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About this talk

This talk is about envisioning the world of five years from now when every organization has an Analytics Engineering department. It answers two main questions: Why should we care about the widespread adoption of analytics engineering? What types of organizations will we see this growth in?

Question 1 will be answered in the first section of the talk by speaking of the ways in which Analytics Engineering doesn’t just enable us to do the same things we’re doing today, just easier. It actually opens up a whole new category of data projects and initiatives that can be undertaken.

Question 2 will be answered by the second section of the talk by breaking out three key areas of growth in Analytics Engineering (Enterprise, Startup, and Public Sector / Academic / NGO). This is where we’ll talk about a world where every Fortune 1000 company has an Analytics Engineering team, every startup hires an Analytics Engineer in their first 30 employees, and city governments use Analytics Engineering best practices to track potholes.

This talk will be adapted from my blog post of the same title which has received over 7000 reads and was shared in Tristan’s newsletter.

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