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30-Day Free Trial of Airbyte

Receive 30 days free of Airbyte Cloud.

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2 Month Free Extended Trial

Looking to understand how your models impact your broader pipeline? Integrate dbt & Atlan to automatically name columns, bring in tags, identify owners, construct lineage, & more. We are offering 2 free months of Atlan so dbt users can get started making the most of their metadata. Head to to learn more about the integration and sign up for this exclusive offer.

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6 months of Census Core for free. Unlimited destination fields.

Get 6 months of our Core plan for free w/ unlimited destination fields and rows. Just share the code COALESCE22 with our team on your first call.

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Free 30-minute ML/AI Consultation

Meet with the experts at Continual for guidance on your ML/AI projects and initiatives including use-cases, tools and skills. Sign-up to schedule some time with us.

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Sign up for a 14-day Standard Trial

This registration is for a free 14-day Full-Platform trial.

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Free unlimited usage for 30 days

Datafold prevents data from breaking in production by embedding an impact report in every pull request.

  • Sign up for free unlimited usage for 30 days
  • See column level lineage through to BI tools and Reverse ETL
  • Merge your next dbt model update with confidence
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30-day free trial of Deepnote Pro

Deepnote is a new kind of data notebook built for collaboration. We’re offering a 30-day trial of Deepnote Pro plan so that you can test out dbt's Semantic Layer in the comfort of your notebooks. Sign up and use the code “Coalesce2022” at checkout.

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Hex Surprise Swag Bag

Free 30 day trial of the Team plan.

No matter your team size, Hex makes working with data more efficient and impactful.

  • Ask and answer questions with SQL, Python, R, & no-code
  • Create and share interactive data apps
  • Build a library of knowledge for your entire company

Sign up today!

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Try Hightouch for free!

We can talk and demo all we want, but wouldn't USING the product for yourself first-hand be nice? Well, now you can! You can try it by clicking the link and your first destination is free!

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Register for Early Access and Get $500 credit

Get on the list for Early Access and a $500 credit toward building low-latency data products with the streaming SQL database, powered by Timely and Differential Dataflow.

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14-day Free Trial + Free Credit for Qualified Startups

Simple setup, one-click collaboration, responsive support and instant iteration. Explore Mode with our 14-day free trial. For qualified startups attending Coalesce we offer up to $12K in credits to get you started.

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Free O’Reilly Book: Data Quality Fundamentals

This is the only guide of its kind to help data engineers and analysts understand the key factors that contribute to poor data quality and how to detect, resolve and prevent these issues at scale. We are excited to announce the early release edition is now available for free download!

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1-Hour Session With Modern Data Stack Experts

Whether it’s about greenfield deployments, migrations, scalability or something more, we’re here to answer your questions. Montreal Analytics is offering up to thirty (30) one-hour sessions so our Consultants can discuss any data challenges you are facing, and the solutions we have available. Sessions are limited, sign up now!

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30 Minutes With a Prefect Expert!

Offering a 30-minute session with a product expert to help advance your Prefect flows.

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Get a Data Stack Assessment From Team RudderStack

As an attendee of this year’s Coalesce event, we are offering the chance to win an in-depth assessment of your current data stack from RudderStack experts!

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Free 30-day Trial of Select Star

We're extending our trial period for Coalesce attendees. Receive an automated column-level lineage, user popularity metrics and automated documentation for free. No credit card required to get started.

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Start your 30-day free Snowflake trial, plus $400 worth of free usage


  • Gain immediate access to the Data Cloud
  • Enable your most critical data workloads
  • Scale instantly, elastically, and near-infinitely across public clouds
  • Snowflake is HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and FedRAMP Authorized.
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Start for free with $500 in Starburst credits

Starburst Galaxy gives you the flexibility to run interactive and ELT workloads in one query engine, all while accessing your data wherever it lives. With built-in security features and a fully managed SaaS experience, running your workloads has never been easier.

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30 Day Free Trial

ThoughtSpot Everywhere empowers product builders and developers to embed, share, and manage analytics solutions to increase app engagement and build with the latest software development principles. Try ThoughtSpot Free for an extended 30 days! Sign up here and your trial will be extended.

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