Ian Whitestone

Data Science Lead, Shopify

About Ian

Ian’s been working in data for the past 6 years ever since abandoning a career in chemical engineering. He spent his first 3 years at Capital One, where he got to “play” in Teradata, Redshift and Snowflake while the company moved everything to the cloud. He spent the last 3 years at Shopify building and leading a full stack data science team, all while working closely with various business partners to drive value from data. You can learn more about him (https://ianwhitestone.work/about/), his work, and past talks here (https://ianwhitestone.work/talks/). Jonathan has been working in data for the past 5 years. He’s worked on data teams at Shopify and Instacart, and currently leads a team of Analytics and Data Engineers at Snapcommerce. He’s been a passionate member of the analytics engineering community ever since he led the adoption of dbt at Snapcommerce 3 years ago, and his talk at Coalesce 2021, which showed how to add more observability to dbt, continues to generate a lot of in-bound interest today.

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