Guillermo Sanchez


Analytics Engineering Tech Lead, GoDataDriven

About Guillermo

My name is Guillermo Sanchez, I an 28 years old and I come from Madrid, Spain. Currently I am based in Amsterdam, where I work as an Analytics Engineering Tech Lead for a boutique consultancy called GoDataDriven. Although I originally studied industrial engineering, I quickly change interests to computer science. I did backend development for a while, but quickly realized I was interested in the data world. My interest at first was focused on Machine Learning, but again I quickly discovered that many companies where struggling to make their data available in the first place, and could see myself adding a lot more value as an Analytics/Data Engineer. Being my background a bit more technical, I do not only work with dbt at clients, but also build applications/platforms from scratch, including CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, etc. The part that I enjoy the most is designing architectures that will help companies achieve value from data. In my personal life I stop being a tech geek and go climbing quite often (currently a lot of indoor bouldering since Amsterdam does not have a damn rock). I also love reading (anything really) and hanging out with friends outdoors when there's an inch of sun in this country (which doesn't happen often).

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