October 17-21

Level-up and expand your network at Coalesce New Orleans

Learn with and from data professionals from every vertical, and connect live with dbt product managers, solutions architects and analytics engineers that want to hear from you as we build the future of dbt.

Why attend Coalesce New Orleans

Coalesce is a great opportunity for a team offsite, providing all of the education, networking and bonding you need to bring back strategies and lessons learned with your team. The result – leveling up, improving the quality and impact of our work. All you have to do is show up!

Expand your network

Meet and learn from progressive data pros IRL, spend time with the dbt team and solidify relationships.

Level-up your skill set

Level-up every member of the team with new frameworks that allow you to continue to build upon long after the conference ends.

Get dbt Certified

Ensure a common understanding of dbt development best practices by getting dbt Certified at Coalesce New Orleans.

Dedicated to advancing the practice of analytics engineering

Our first time together, in person! Attend a presentation, workshop, or panel discussion. Participate in activities, a hackathon, intimate discussions and social activities. Meet community members and partners while exploring the history and culture of New Orleans.
dbt Labs Coalesce venue
dbt Labs Coalesce venue

Join us in the heart of New Orleans

The Hyatt Regency is the home of Coalesce New Orleans. Rooms are blocked exclusively for Coalesce attendees. Once you're registered, we'll send you instructions for booking lodging.

Learn from diverse voices in analytics engineering

Sessions for the entire team

Gain strategies and lessons learned to take back to your team through education, networking and bonding. Take the opportunity to learn directly from the team who's shaped an entire industry, meet and network with the dbt community and attend valuable educational sessions to gain dbt knowledge and implementation practices.

  • The Return on Analytics Engineering
  • Data as a Product
  • Unlocking Analytics Engineering at Scale
  • 365 Days Inside a Data Team
  • Outgrowing a single `dbt run`
  • Join the in-person Hackathon
  • Workshops and dbt certification classes
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Coalesce Partners

Coalesce partners with organizations that bring you value and introduce you to new solutions that help you work smarter and collaborate better. Network with and learn from some of the top companies in the tech industry at Coalesce New Orleans.

Register for Coalesce New Orleans!

Join us in New Orleans and connect with data practitioners around the globe.

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Stay connected!

Much of the Coalesce action happens in Slack! Join the community and follow along before, during and after the conference.