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Hightouch - Free unlimited usage for 30 days

Free unlimited usage for 30 days

Hightouch syncs data from your data warehouse to 60+ SaaS tools. Sign up for free unlimited usage (connecting as many tools as you'd like) for 30 days.

Fivetran - 14-Day Free Trial

14-Day Free Trial

Create your account today and access data integration in minutes, not days

  • 14-day enterprise platform trial
  • No coding required
  • No data warehouse required
Census - 3 free months of our Growth Plan

3 free months of our Growth Plan

Get 3 months of our growth plan for free. Create your free Census account and use the code "Coalesce" in your "sync a swag" destination.

Firebolt - Book a Session with a Firebolt Engineer

Book a Session with a Firebolt Engineer

Learn how Firebolt's cloud data warehouse for engineers delivers sub-second analytics at data lake scale
The session will cover:
  • What makes Firebolt faster than anything you've seen at data lake scale
  • How decoupled storage & compute allows you to match any workload with the right compute resources
  • Live product demo
  • Q & A
Atlan - 2 month Free extended Trial

2 month Free extended Trial

Looking to understand how your models impact your broader pipeline? Integrate dbt & Atlan to automatically name columns, bring in tags, identify owners, construct lineage, & more. We are offering 2 free months of Atlan so dbt users can get started making the most of their metadata. Head to to learn more about the integration and sign up for this exclusive offer.

Continual - $300 of Free Credits for

$300 of Free Credits for

Continual offers the world’s first automated AI layer for the modern data stack. You can get continually improving predictions–from customer churn to inventory forecasts–directly in your cloud data warehouse (without complex engineering). Receive $300 of free credits to get started (exclusive offer for Coalesce attendees).

Free Materialize Cloud 30-day trial

Free Materialize Cloud 30-day trial

We offer a no-commitment, 30-day, free trial which automates the deployment, security, maintenance, and upgrades of Materialized instances. This allows you to focus on building views and operationalizing the data in downstream sources. Receive a free Materialize t-shirt when you sign up for Materialize Cloud!

Airbyte - Open-Source ETL Connector Development

Open-Source ETL Connector Development

Many data teams want to move and leverage data from sources that aren't supported by closed-source platforms. We'd love to meet with the dbt community develop open-source connectors for their ETL/ELT processes. We're offering to meet with individuals that want to develop ETL connectors and will provide engineering guidance on moving data through their sources and destinations of choice. Schedule a meeting:

15 dbt set up Assessments (+ Recommendations)

Leverage our senior dbt experts for a free assessment of your dbt set up and projects that will come with a list of recommendations for improvements. Sign up and we'll reach out!

dbt Advisory Services

Whether you’re just getting started with dbt, or need help improving an existing implementation, our dbt Advisory Services will provide you the structure and expertise to get the most out of your project. We will configure, review, fix, and optimize all aspects of your dbt environment including your data warehouse, orchestration, modeling, and much more. We ensure your dbt implementation is clean, optimized, performant, and reliable. With our advisory services and proven project structure, you will be set up for a long-term success using dbt.

Get The First Mile of The Modern Data Stack

Receive free three-month hosted Snowplow service and ten-hour product analytics consulting. Get started with the right foot.

5 million events/month for free

Run RudderStack Cloud for free and send up to 5 million events per month!

Want to learn how our customers use RudderStack with dbt or find out more about building a CDP on your warehouse? Chat with one of our solutions engineers:

How about some free swag? Click here to let us know and we'll send our "Luke, I am your data" t-shirt your way.

Get priority access to our free beta!

We are excited to invite all Coalesce attendees to skip the line and gain priority access to our free beta.

The first step in your experience is personalized, concierge style onboarding with our Founder. Within minutes we will reign in your dashboard sprawl, and curate a repository of certified assets for easy discovery by users across your team.

If you are interested, please navigate to the link and sign-up!

Modern Data Orchestration - 50% Off for 3 Months

Get your DataOps right, with modern data orchestration that connects dbt Core and dbt Cloud to the rest of your data stack. Shipyard helps you build and automate entire data workflows in less than 10 minutes! To get started, sign up for a Shipyard account and reach out to support with code COALESCE50 for 50% off your first 3 months of subscription.

Coalesce attendees receive 20% off of Mode business plan

Coalesce Attendees will receive 20% off of their Mode Business Plan. Attendees must email with Coalesce Discount Redeem in subject line AND provide proof of event attendance. This discount is for new customers only.

Capabilities Briefing with Immuta

Have 29 minutes?

Request a capabilities briefing to start transforming the way you access and share your sensitive data.

Take Databricks for a spin with a free 14-day trial

  • Collaborative environment for data teams to build solutions together.
  • Interactive notebooks to use Apache SparkTM, SQL, Python, Scala, Delta Lake, MLflow, TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-learn and more.
  • Available in your own cloud, or as a lightweight trial hosted by Databricks.

30 Day Free Trial of Snowflake

Get $400 worth of free usage when you test drive Snowflake and:

  • Gain immediate access to the Data Cloud
  • Enable your most critical data workloads
  • Scale instantly, elastically, and near-infinitely across public clouds

Priority access to beta program

Transform is offering an exclusive demo and an opportunity to join our beta program. Connect with a member of the Transform team for an introduction to our metrics store and to learn how it works within your modern data stack.