Mastering the art of dbt package development

Tuesday, October 18 at 2:30 PM CDT

Coalesce OnlineCoalesce New Orleans

Welcome to the dbt Package show! Have you ever wondered how Fivetran approaches building dbt packages? Well, put on your aprons, because the Fivetran team is going to give you a glimpse at their recipe for building packages with dbt from 0 -> release -> implementation. Sheri Nguyen of Fivetran will show you: 

- How they leverage the dbt Community to get the right ingredients for our packages and plan our roadmap for end state package models 

- Their methodologies and standards for preparing ingredients for our data models to provide flexibility for all our users 

- How they combine everything together and cook up our models for our dbt packages 

Finally, after all the cooking is done, the best part is sharing what you've made with your friends and family. Sheri will also show you how different companies use our various packages and how you can contribute! This talk will benefit those who want to leverage Fivetran's dbt packages, understand why we apply certain modeling practices, and understand how we continually iterate on these packages. Additionally, this session will be beneficial for those who also want to be dbt package maintainers and understand how they can contribute future packages.

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