About Coalesce

Coalesce is the analytics engineering conference for anyone in data that seeks new tips, tools, or teachers in their journey towards higher leverage, higher impact data work.

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Why we Coalesce

The practice of analytics engineering was born out of a community of data professionals that wanted a better way to work. dbt standardized the analytics engineering workflow, but where it’s applied, by whom, and how—must be continually re-examined by the people doing this work every day.

If dbt is where data practitioners meet to transform data, Coalesce is where they meet to transform the way they work.

Hosted by dbt Labs

dbt Labs is on a mission to help data practitioners create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Since developing the data transformation framework, dbt, we've seen more than 30,000 data practitioners join the dbt Community, in pursuit of a new standard for developing data—analytics engineering.

dbt Labs is fortunate to host these practitioners at our annual conference, Coalesce, for the third year running.
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Stay connected with the dbt Community during Coalesce Online

Coalesce starts in Slack

Whether you’re attending virtually or in-person, Coalesce isn’t Coalesce without the dbt Slack. Join session-specific channels before the event to start conversations with other attendees, share thoughts with speakers, participate in polls, and once the week wraps stay connected to everyone you met IRL.
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Join us in-person or online

The analytics engineering conference returns October 17-21, with live and remote options to accommodate attendees in all timezones. Join dbt Labs and thousands of data humans like you to rethink how the world does data.


Coalesce New Orleans

Join us in NOLA! Live workshops, whiteboards, walking 1:1s… we’ll help you safely take advantage of rare face-to-face time with friends new and old.

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Coalesce Online

The livestream worth clearing your calendar for. Hop into session-specific dbt Slack channels to follow along and connect with global attendees.

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Virtual + In-Person

Coalesce Online+ London

Join Coalesce online before gathering for the London finale on October 20, complete with live speakers, livestreamed keynotes, and lots of food and fun.

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Virtual + In-Person

Coalesce Online+ Sydney

Join Coalesce online before gathering for the Sydney finale on October 21, complete with live speakers, livestreamed keynotes, and lots of food and fun.

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Join us at Coalesce

Whatever your role, experience, or ambitions in data—you have a place at Coalesce. Build your path and find your people at the largest analytics engineering conference.